You know something doesn’t feel right…


So you’re a “Mum”. A label maybe you yearned for, or maybe one that landed a little bit sooner than you were expecting! You may have been warned about the sleepless nights, the shitty nappies or even the amazing joy that these little bundles are going to bring. However, there were certain parts no one could have prepared you for.

No one really tells you about the loss of identity that comes when you become a Mum. We are riddled with 'Mum Guilt' and the fact that we might actually feel a teeny tiny bit resentful that we are so far down the priority list is something that we don’t like to acknowledge in our own minds, let alone voice.

And who knew there were so many different types of Mum! Working Mum, Stay at Home Mum, Mum of one, Young Mum, Old Mum, Married Mum, Single Mum…

Never mind the labels society gives us….Perhaps what’s most damaging are the ones we give ourselves.  If you tell yourself on a regular basis what a freaking amazing Mum you are – go you!  No seriously, I love to hear that and if you would like to share how you recognised this level of awesomeness, please do contact me as I love sharing these stories. BUT… if you find yourself constantly thinking you are failing or falling short, you will be crushing your own dreams while living in a state of fear.  That may sound dramatic but the more silent the fear, the more carnage it can cause.  We are left feeling we are not becoming the person we are really destined to be or, looking at it another way, we’ve lost the person we were.

Whatever brought you to this page today means that you’re ready to change and I’m ready to support you. Maybe you’ve been making excuses for a long time now but today, here and now, is when you cut the shit and start living!

I work with women who are fed up of feeling fed up, grumpy or like something is just missing.  In becoming a Mum, either recently or years ago, they have noticed that a little part of them has disappeared and they miss the "old me".

I can help you overcome the barriers that have been holding you back so that you can start living your life as the woman you know you are rather than the “Mum” you think you should be.