1-2-1 Coaching Packages

Power Session - 90 Minutes

Maybe you are aware of the direction you are heading and what you need to do to get there but you need kick up the back side to get you back on track.

Maybe you are looking for a few tools and techniques to implement straight away to give you a boost in the right direction.

Or maybe you want to exhaust a few excuses on me so that I can squash them all, put you back into the driving seat and send you on your way.

This 90 minute 1-2-1 session with me will shift you from feeling fed up and fearful, to fired up and focused.


6 Week 'Time to Ignite' 1-2-1 Programme

During an initial two hour session, we will work together to uncover the mental barriers keeping you in a place of feeling stuck, and establish where you want to (and will) be!

This is then followed by a focused one hour session each week for 5 weeks to implement tools and techniques to help you regain control and achieve your goals

You will also receive email support between sessions and tools and materials to move you towards the feeling of freedom you have been craving.



Struggling to justify the investment?

You are here and reading this because you know somewhere deep down that you want to feel happier.  You know that you are not living each day to its true potential.  Perhaps its a little more than that, and you are feeling like something is broken.  If you felt that something was not quite right with your car, you would not hesitate in finding the money or time to get it fixed as you know the potential risk to you and your kids for driving round in a car that is not safe. People who struggle to find the motivation to exercise or don't even know where to start, seek out a professional Personal Trainer to help set them on the right track.  Your mental and emotional wellness is equally as important as your physical health.

If you are struggling to justify your need in this respect over the needs of those closest to you, then book in a free call with me to understand why I hear this a lot and how this process will be beneficial not just for you but also those around you.

Coming Soon......

Online Courses

After a number of requests, I am really excited to be working on a 6 week course which will enable Mums to get the benefit of my coaching programme in their own time and on their own terms.  These videos will guide you through my coaching framework allowing you to determine, understand and let go of any barriers that have been holding you back. Watch this space......

Ignite Mum Retreats

A big dream in the making!  Retreats with like minded Mums to take a pause from reality and focus completely on yourself.  Locations and durations pending......